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democracy is not a magical solution for all the problems. explain? plzz answer quickly...


Charu Kalra , Meritnation Expert added an answer, on 19/8/13

The following points may help you:

a. Democracy certainly cannot be regarded as a magical solution to all problems even though it is the most popular form of government that is based on the consent of the people.
b. To strive for an ideal form of government is mere a utopia. No form of government or system is perfect, one can only work for better governance. 
Democratic form of government has been questioned on various fronts that it leads to instability, is characterised by corruption, it is about competition and power, gives importance to numbers, leads to delays in decision making process, even democracies track record with that of economic development has been questioned.
d. Despite its flaws, democracy is the most preferred and better form of government than any any other forms for the very reason that it ensures people's participation giving them basic rights that enhances their dignity. 
There may be flaws  in the actual practise of democracy, but then the responsibility rests with citizens of the country who can make the government more accountable and answerable by being vigilant and alert.
f. One can give example of Right to Information which was the result of people's action to make government more transparent and responsive.


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Bangtan , added an answer, on 18/8/13
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Achieving the aim of true democracy is not as easy as establishing a democratic set up. The citizens still need to understand democracy in true essence and execute them in their daily life. This alone will establish true democracy. The citizens have to be liberal, flexible and overall educated to value democracy. Possibly it is the lack of these aspects that still checks the fostering of democratic values. Thusdemocracy cannot be a magical solutionto all problems, there are several hurdles that needs to be crossed before all is set right.

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