Depreciation charged on machinery, which accounting voucher will be prepared for it.

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JOURNAL VOUCHER is prepared for depreciation charged on machinery.

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Journal Voucher

Journal?voucher?is prepared for the transactions which does not relate to sales, purchases, cash, bank, material returns.? Journal vouchers are prepared for the following transactions:-

Opening balances

Purchases of?fixed assets?and other assets on credit

Sale of fixed assets and other assets on credit

Depreciation?on fixed assets.

Purchase?of any items relating to business expenditures on credit

Adjustment entries.

Closing entries.

Correction entries.

Transfer entries.

Provisions?for expenditures

Accrual income.

The entries for transactions which are no repeated very frequently. For example if there are very limited transaction in respect of material return then the journal vouchers can be prepared rather than preparing the?purchase return voucher?or sales return vouchers etc.
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Credit voucher
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Non Cash Voucher (or Transfer Voucher)
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