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The situation is shown in the figure below,

For large TV coverage, the transmission of TV signal is done from a tall antenna.
Consider a TV antenna OP of height h. The transmitting signals cannot be received beyond points R1 and R2. This is due to curvature of earth.
Clearly, OR1 and OR2 are the maximum distances, from the antenna, upto which the transmission signal can be received.
Let OR1 = OR2 = d [d is half the total range]
The relation between height h of the TV antenna and the maximum distance d upto which the TV signal can be received can be derived on the basis of geometrical considerations.
From right – angled triangle CR2P, CP2 = CR22 + PR22 …. (1)
In right – angled triangle POR2, PR22 = h2 + d2
[Note that  POR2 can be taken as right angle]
Also, CR2 = CO = R and CP = R + h
From Equation (1) (R + h)2 = R2 + (h2 + d2

R2 + h2 + 2Rh = R2 + h2 + d2 or d = 2Rh
It is clear from this equation that if h is large, d will be large. This explains as to why the television broadcasts are made from tall antennas.



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