Derive an expression for the gravitational potential energy of an object of mass 'm' at a height 'h' above the earth's surface.

Any object on the earth is pulled towards the center of the earth with a force equal to the weight of the object. An object of mass ‘m’ will be pulled towards the earth’s center by a force equal to ‘mg’

So, to lift the object without any acceleration a force equal to its weight must be applied in the opposite direction (away from the center of the earth).

We have, Force = mg, to lift the object. Suppose, h is the height attained by the object due to this force. The work done by this force is stored as gravitational potential energy of the object.

Therefore, potential energy = work done = mgh

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force = ma(mg)






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Hi Shivani,

We know that every object on the surface of the Earth is attracted by the Earth.So,if an object has a mass'm',it will experience a force that is called the weight of the object which acts vertically downwards.

To move this object upward from 'a' to'b' through a distance 'h', we must apply a force 'f' upward were F=Mg

W=Fh,  but as F=Mg,

W=mgh -------(1)

This work done on the object which changes its position is called the Gravitational Potential Energy. Then:


From (1) & (2), we get:


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