describe a recent quarrel that you have had with your brother sister or friend. how did it start ? what did you learn about ? how did it end?


Recently, I have had a quarrel with my friend while returning home from school  in school bus. That day my friend, Madhavi, sat on my regular and favourite seat which is next to the window. I asked her to vacate my seat but she denied. This led to  heated argument between us. Distracted with our argument driver suddenly stopped the bus. As I was standing, I was about to fall down but Madhavi Stood and held me and saved me from falling down. We smiled at each other and stopped fighting and decided to sit on that seat on alternate days. This shows how the heated conversation cooled down to beautiful feelings. What I learned from this quarrel is that to maintain the sweetness of the friendship, a splash of bitterness is necessary. This would not hinder the bond of love rather give it a new shape. That's why even after having a fight my friend stood by my side when I needed her the most.

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