describe a simple pendulum with a labelled diagram. What kind of motion does it show?      

The answer to your question:-

A pendulum is a weight suspended from a pivot so that it can  swing freely back and forth. A simple pendulum is one where the pendulum bob is treated as a point mass, and the string from which it hangs is of negligible mass.

when you lift a pendulum to one side, the force of gravity wants to pull it back down, and the tension in the string wants to pull it left (or right). These combined forces work together to pull it back towards the middle (the equilibrium position). Ultimately, upon reaching the middle, the pendulum's velocity has increased, so it continues past the equilibrium position and off to the other side. This pattern then continues.

With a pendulum , the velocity is greatest in the middle, but the restoring force (and therefore the acceleration) is greatest at the outer edges.

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