Describe a structure of project report and its not a project its question only? plzz tell me fast

Dear Student, an ideal structure of a project is as follows.
1. Certificate

2. Acknowledgement

3. Index of Project

4. Introduction- What basically is your project about? You can include definition of a Business environment, what constitutes business environment, what are the major changes brought about in the business as well as the economic environment of reliance industries such as changes in their products, changes in cost of production, changes in there advertisement policies, etc. 

5. Objective of your study- Explicitly state the objective of your study

6. Literature Review- This section will depict what all you have read about your project. You can use a few of the researches done by your alumni, authors and other researchers.

7. Study- In this, you may start-up with the questionnaire and responses that you have collected. You may use various statistical tools, such as arithmetical mean, pie-diagrams, etc. 

8. Conclusion- This section will be basically a summarised version of your study. It should explicitly states your findings.

9. Bibliography- Enlist all the books, authors' name, edition, page number, websites' url, links, etc. If you don't do this, then your project may violate the copyright act and is subject to being regarded as plagiarized.

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