Describe about herbs,shrubs,trees,creepers & climbers within 50 to 60 words each.
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Herbs:  These are plants having green and tender stems. They are generally short and do not have many branches. For example, tomato, potato etc.

Shrubs: These are plants having hard stems, which are not very thick. Their stems branch near the base. For example, lemon, rose etc.

Trees: These are plants having hard, thick, and brown stems. Their stems branch in the upper part. For example, mango,  neem  etc.

Creepers are plants that spread on the ground. The stems of these plants are very weak and cannot stand upright. The examples of creeper are Bougainvillea.

Climbers are plants that take support from neighbouring structures such as trees, walls etc. to climb up. The examples of climbers are money plant, jasmine etc.
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Herbs;- they are soft and green plants they does not have many branches.For example-tomato etc.

Shrubs:- they hard but not very thick ,they branch out near the base.For example-lemon potato.

Trees:- they are taller , brown stem and thicker.For example-Mango trees.

Creepers:- these plants spread on ground are called creepers.

Climbers:- these plants take support  nebhouring structures are called climbers
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