Describe Anne's Dream about her friend Lies ?

Hanneli or Lies as she was called in school had suddenly appeared before Anne while she was falling asleep. She was dressed in rags, her face was thin and worn and she looked at Anne with immeasurable sadness and reproach in her eyes. She seemed to accuse Anne of having deserted her and she wanted to be rescued from the hell that she was living in. But Anne couldn't help her, she could only stand by and watch people suffer and die and at the most pray to God to bring her back. Anne realized that she had disappeared without thinking about the people she was leaving behind to deal with the horrors that awaited them, in her moment of epiphany, she realized that feeling of abandonment that Hanneli must have felt. Lies' pale face haunted her, her helplessness and beseeching eyes were testimony to her fate. Anne observes that they were both devout but one had been chosen to live while the other had to die even though there was no difference that set them apart. She hadn't thought of those left to deal with their fate in all the time that she had been in the annex, she decided that she would remember their suffering and pray for them as she would pray for Hanneli.

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