describe anne's relationship with every member of annexe in the diary of a young girl for first 14 chapters.

Anne had a difficult relationship with her mother and sister. She was not able to bear them for they were always correcting her and telling her to be quiet. She found her mother's ideas totally opposite to hers. It was not a very strong relationship because she felt that her mother was partial towards Margot. Both the sisters got on each others nerves and Anne was jealous of Margot. However, they shared some sisterly moments discussing the future. Her relationship with her father was quite the opposite. She thought that he was the only one who understood her feelings and she enjoyed spending time with him. Anne got along better with her father because he knew how to handle his daughter's personality better. She did not think highly of Peter van Daan, who seemed to be a lazy and boring person. She also resented Mrs van Daan's constant criticism of her behaviour. 

In Anne's opinion, she and Peter were not really as different as they seemed to be on the surface. Neither of them had a mother, his mother was too superficial, liked flirting and didn't concern herself with what went on in Peter's head. Her mother took an active interest in her life but did not have any tact, sensitivity or motherly understanding. Both of them were struggling with their innermost feelings, still unsure of themselves and too emotionally vulnerable to be dealt with so strongly. Anne would want run outside or hide her feelings but she would end up banging pots and pans, splash water and be generally noisy so that everybody wished her miles away. Peter would shut himself up, say little, sit quietly and daydream whil carefully hiding his true self.
Anne valued his friendship with Peter because he had reached a part of her that no one had ever reached before except in her dreams. He had taken hold of her and turned her inside out. The flippancy and petulance which was characteristic of Anne had been quieted by Peter's solid and calming influence. As she says that everyone needs a little quiet time to put themselves right again, changing her irrevocably. Anne considered her relationship with Peter to be something beautiful,she admired him for what he had been able to bring out in her. There relationship was not of a romantic nature but one of solidarity and comfort in such trying times as the one they were currently living in. Anne's loneliness was so overpowering that it did not matter to her that their intimacy could be looked upon as inappropriate,all that mattered to her was the comfort she found in Peter. Peter needed tenderness and for the first time in his life,he  had offered his friendship to someone,that too a girl. He had brought out the innermost feelings of Anne,they had found each other and become close confidants. They provided solace,comfort and companionship to each other,hence Peter was indispensable to Anne at that point.

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