Describe any three public facilities needed for development .

1. Health Care: Government provide us health care centers (hospitals & dispensaries) for our health care. There govt. maintained all facilities for us like expert doctors , diagnostic machines & all the facilities for our good health.
2. Banking Facilities : Government provide us banking facility to safe our money & provide us loans for our necessary needs.
3. Built up roads & highway: Government built up roads & highway to go any where easily. This is very necessary to built up roads & highway.
4. Public Transport: Govt. provide us public transport to go one place to other place in reasonable fare.
5. Law & order : Govt. provide law & order to safe us from all the terrorist & thieves & all the bad persons.

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basic health facility:It is needed for development because with out health people cant contribute to national income and it also increases absenteeism.

education:Education increases employment thus increasing standard of living and thus increasing development.With education humans become human resources.

PDS:Public distribution system helps in helping poor lead a healthy life . With this govt gives low cost food grains to poor . As their health increases they can contribute to national income.

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Some of the essential public facilities provided by the Government are as follows:

  • State Educational Facilities
  • Public housing
  • Health Care

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