Describe decision making process in your family? Is it democratic?

Every family has its own way of making decisions. In some families it is the father who takes all important decisions whereas in some families the mother takes the important decisions. But, there are families where decisions are taken after discussions with all the family members. 

If discussions are taken alone by one in a family then it cannot be said democratic. But, if decisions are taken through discussions with all the members, then it can be called democratic.

Such questions are personal and meant to be answered by students themselves.

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Maximum decision of my family is taken by my father,as he is the head of our family.We all belong in a patriarchal society where male possess maximum power.
No,it is not at all democratic since in a democracy every member must have equal rights.But in my family my father possess  maximum power and not my grandmother.So,we cannot say it to be democratic.
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