describe gulliver's first visit to the city of milendo.

Milendo, the metropolis of Lilliput, described together with the emperor's place. Fifteen hundred of the emperor's largest horses, each about four inches and a half high, were employed to draw Gulliver towards the metropolis, which was half a mile distant. About four hours after they began their journey, he awaked by a very ridiculous accident; for the carriage being stopped a while, to adjust something that was out of order, two or three of the young natives had the curiosity to see how he looked when he was asleep; they climbed up into the engine, and advancing very softly to his face, one of them, an officer in the guards, put the sharp end of his half-pike a good way up into his left nostril, which tickled his nose like a straw, and made him sneeze violently; whereupon they stole off unperceived, and it was three weeks before he knew the cause of his waking so suddenly. They made a long march the remaining part of the day, and, rested at night with five hundred guards on each side of him, half with torches, and half with bows and arrows, ready to shoot him if he would offer to stir. The next morning at sunrise they continued their march, and arrived within two hundred yards of the city gates about noon. The emperor, and all his court, came out to meet them; but his great officers would by no means suffer his majesty to endanger his person by mounting on his body.

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