describe how a secret conspiracy was hatched against Gulliver and the preparation of articles of impeachment against him for treason and other crimes. How did Gulliver escape secretly to take shelter in Blefuscu?

Just a few months before Gulliver was to leave Lilliput, one of his friends came to him secretly and informed him that a conspiracy had taken place against him.  He informed Gulliver that Skyresh Bolgolam the admiral, Flimnap the treasurer, Limtoc the general, Lalcon the chamberlain, and Balmuff the chief justice, all had issued articles of impeachment for treason against Gulliver. He also shared that it had already been decided that Gulliver would be first made blind and later be starved to death. This was to happen in the next three days.

Gulliver was scared to hear all this and so he decided to run away. He crossed the channel and reached Blefuscu, where the Blefuscudian Emperor came to meet him. Gulliver thanked him for his hospitality. However, Gulliver did not tell the Emperor of Blefuscu that he had run away from Lilliput.

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