describe how Chandragupta turned a small kingdom into a mighty empire

Chandragupta Maurya turned a small kingdom into a mighty empire with the help of his mentor, Kautilya. Chandragupta and his mentor first attacked and conquered the outer parts of the Nanda kingdom, areas which had been weakened by Alexander's invasion. They thus conquered Punjab, Malwa and Saurashtra. They finally captured Pataliputra, the capital of Magadha, in 321 BC. Chandragupta then extended his empire upto the river Indua, taking back parts of Alexander's empire, and laying the basis for the Mauryan empire. Alexander left his greek general, Seleukos Nikator, in charge of the eastern parts of his empire. Seleukos was defeated by Chandragupta in 305 BC and was made to surrender extensive territories- areas of Kabul, Herat, Kandahar and Baluchistan. This is how chandragupta turned a small kingdom into a mighty empire. His son, Bindusara also conquered 16 states and extended his empire. 


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