Describe how relief and location affects the climate of India

The location of India and the various relief features have deep effect in determining climate of India. (t) Location India is located between 8° N to 37° N latitudes. Tropic of Cancer divides the country in two - equal halves— North sub-tropical zone and South tropical zone. *India is sorrounded by three water bodies in the south and girdled by a high continuous mountain chain in the North. This compact ph^ical setting gives unique and common climatic framework. Indian ocean, Bay of Bengal and Arabian sea have moderating effects on India’s climatic condition. (ii) Relief High mountains in the North act as barriers for cold and hot winds. It provides the whole of North India a tropical climate. They may also cause precipitation as they are high enough and lie in the path of rain-bearing winds. For example, the leeward side of Western Ghats remains relatively dry in monsoon season. The Himalayas also force the South-West mansoons to shed all their moisture in the sub-continent. Thus, it can be concluded that location and relief are important factors in determining the climate of India.

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