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Describe how the poverty line is estimated in India.

please don't give meritnation answer????

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POVERTY LINE :-  it is a common method used to measure poverty based on income and consumption level.

POVERTY LINE AS ESTIMATED IN INDIA :- poverty line in India is determined by a minimum level of food requirement , clothing, footwear,light ,educational and medical requirement etc. The physical quantities are multiplied by their prices in rupees.

The present formula for estimation of poverty in India is based on the desired calorie requirement.Calorie needs vary depending on age and the type of work a person does.In India, the average calorie requirement is 2400 calorie per person per day in rural areas and 2100 calorie per person per day, because rural people engage themselves more in physical work .

While average income per person per month is Rs 328 fro rural areas and Rs 454 for urban areas.Despite less calorie requirement, the higher amount for urban areas has been fixed because of high prices of many essential products in urban areas . 


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