Describe how Toto would take a bath. Where had he learnt to do this? How did Toto almost boil himself?


​​​​​​In cold winters, Toto bathed in warm water. He first checked the temperature of the water. If he found the temperature to be suitable, he would first put one foot in the water and then the other. Gradually he would dip his body up to his neck. He would then apply soap all over his body. He would  bath till the water was cold. As soon as the water turned cold, he would  run to the kitchen to keep himself warm. He learned to bath this way by seeing the author.

Once when water was boiling in a kettle to make tea, Toto got into the kettle to take a bath. The water started boiling gradually. Toto tried to come out of the kettle. However, as he felt cold, he did not go outside and remained in the kettle. Due to his reluctance to go outside, he was nearly boiled alive.

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Toto first tests the temperature of the water with his hands and gradually steps into the bath. He steps with one foot followed by the other until the water is up to his neck. Then he would take the soap and rub himself with it. Once the water turned cold he would run out quickly to the kitchen-fire.
He has learnt to do it by watching the narrator doing the same.
One day Toto found  a large kitchen kettle that had been kept for boiling tea. Having nothing better to do, Toto decided to remove the lid and get in. He sat inside with his head sticking out from the open kettle until the water began to boil. He raised himself when it was too hot but on finding the outside too cold he went right back into the kettle. This continued for quite a while until Grandmother hauled him out of the kettle.

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