describe in 150 words the encounter between the ghost and virginia

The ghost requested Virginia to release him from the state that he was in. In order to do that she would have to weep for his sins because the ghost did not have any tears and pray for his soul because he had no faith. Then, if she had always been sweet, good and gentle, the angel of death would have mercy on him. Virginia would come across fearful shapes in the darkness and wicked voices would whisper in her ear but they wouldn't dare harm her because of her purity. The purity of a little child was far more powerful than that of Hell. The encounter between the ghost and Virginia would be quite strange to imagine considering the fact that the ghost was supposed to scare people. However, Virginia did not feel frightened, her heart went out to the ghost because he led a pitiable existence that had apparently no hope for salvation. But the following incidents show that Virginia helped in the redemption of the ghost. 

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