Describe nervous system ?

 Nervous system is an organ system found in animals that is formed of network of specialized cells called neurons, brain and spinal cord. It transmits signals between different parts of the body and control and coordinates the actions of the body.

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  1. the function of nervous system i to coordinate  the activities of the body
  2. it is the control system for all our actions, thinking and behaviour
  3. the nervous system helps all other system to work together
  4. the nervous system is like a manager inside our body
  5. it coordinates mucsles so that we can do things which need thinking like reading ,writing ,cycling or dancing.
  6. the nervous system also coordinates things thatwhich we do not have to think about, like heart beat and breathing
  7. the nervous system also passes information from one internal system to another.
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it is the structural and functional unit of neurons pass information from sense organ to brain and brain to muscles.

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