describe structure of aspergillus

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Kingdom- Fungi
​​​Phylum- Ascomycota
Order- Eurotiales
Family- Trichomaceae
Genus- Aspergillus
Habitat- Generally found on land or soil.
Mode of nutrition- Most of them are saprophytic i.e. they obtain their nutrition from dead and decaying matter.
Structure- Plant body is mycelial. The myecelium consist of slender, tubular, pale coloured, extensively branched hyphae. This hyphae develops into vegetative and reproductive hyphae. The vegetative hyphae plays role in absorbing nutrients. The reproductive hyphae develops further into spores. The spores are referred tos as conidium.
The aspergillus consist of muti- nucleate cell. Each cell consist of cytoplasm, mitochondria, endoplasmic reticulum, ribosomes and vacuoles. 


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