describe the characters of the lilliputans as excellent mathematicians.

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Some points are given to you for reference, you can construct the answer using these examples and revert to us for feedback.

1. The deftly construct a huge board to mount Gulliver on it for carrying him to the capital city. They use pulleys to mount him on it, which shows their skill as logicians.

2. The tailors measure the size of the body only by measuring his thumb. The other body parts are calculated in propotion of the thumb.

3. They measure Gulliver's appetite to be equivalent to 1724 citizens.

4. The architecture of the capital city was a precise square divided in four parts.

These traits reflect the precision and calculation of the Lilliputians.

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Gulliver after facing the shipwreck drowns in water and finds himself unconscious on the Island. Awaking after nine hours, he is astonished to discover that while unconscious, he has been made prisoner by a band of miniature people. Despite being only 6 inches tall they have managed to bind him to the ground. On the demand on imperial emissary, Gulliver is to be carried as a prisoner to capital city. The engineers and mathematicians have constructed an enormous frame on wheels. Gulliver is placed on this frame with the help of pulleys. To facilitate this task,his drink was drugged so that he could sleep and the natives could transport him easily. Later he was hauled to the temple in metropolis by fifteen hundred horses.

ulliver signals to the people to move out of the way. He relieves himself by "making Water." He promptly falls asleep because his drink had a sleeping medicine in it. Once they are sure he is asleep, the Lilliputians, who are excellent mathematicians, transport Gulliver to the Capital. They use a large platform with twenty-two wheels pulled by dozens of four-and-a-half-inch horses, dragging Gulliver half of a mile. After he awakens, Gulliver finds that he is chained by his leg in the capital, but he is able to move in a circle of about two yards in diameter. More than one hundred thousand Lilliputians come out to see Gulliver.
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