Bep Voskuijl was one of the two secretaries working in the building who found Anne's diaries strewn allover the floor. She was a twenty-three year old typist whose father worked in the warehouse and had also been aware of the families hiding in the secret annex. She used to work in the big front office along with Miep Gies and Mr Kleiman. Bep would do the grocery shopping with their ration coupons, she also helped the girls can fruits,supply reading material and entertained them when she could. She usedto buy new skirts for Margot and Anne,order correspondence courses in her name for the youngsters. When her boyfriend was being sent to Germany,Bep was very subdued because she feared for his life. Whenever she stayed over,the girls had a lot of fun because she was young and tried not to let the dangers of the situation get to her or them. Bep would make the girls feel important by letting them do a lot of office work and taking them seriously. She was a kind,considerate and helpful girl who had selflessly and tirelessly for the members of the secret annex.

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