describe the doctor house.

It was a small rented room in which the doctor had put up, a house that was not electrified. He had just set up medical practice so his earnings were meagre. He had about sixty rupees in his suitcase along with some clothes. There were two windows in the room. It was an outer room with one wall facing the open yard. It had a tiled roof with long supporting gables that rested on the beam over the wall. It had no ceiling, there was a regular traffic of rats to and from the beam. There was a veranda attached to the room.

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The Doctor's House is a first-class Event Venue situated in the heart of Kleinburg Village. Small town charm within the reach of the city. The Hallmark of the Doctor's House is exquisite cuisine, elegant ambiance and attentive service. We invite you to host your next celebration or corporate event with us in an atmosphere where the past is remembered, the present is celebrated and the future is as close as your next visit.
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