describe the efforts made by the tiger king to achieve his target of killing hundred tigers

Tiger hunting was banned in the State of Pratibandapuram, by anyone except the Maharaja. The king himself declared that he would attend to all other matters only after the hundred tigers have been killed. There were many obstacles on the path to the hundredth kill. When the king's bullet missed its mark and the tiger leapt at him, the tiger king killed it with his bare hands. When a British officer expressed a wish to hunt tigers in his state, the king compensated by depleting his coffers and sending his wife three lakh rupees' worth of jewellery. When the tiger population in his realm became extinct, he married into a state with a large number of tigers and began hunting each time he visited his father-in-law. When he became anxious about the hundredth tiger and asked his dewan to double the land tax in his anger against the elusive animal, the dewan arranged for one himself. When it brought to the king, he fired his gun but failed to kill it. Afraid of losing their jobs if they told the king that he had missed his mark, the attendants killed the tiger themselves. 

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