describe the experiment of t.w engelmann with figure..or a roug labelled diagram..

Dear student,
Theodor Wilhelm Engelmann designed an experiment to show the effect of different wavelength of light on photosynthesis. He placed spirogyra (green algae) in a drop of water where aerophilic bacteria was present which acts as an indicator of oxygen. He illuminated spirogyra with different wavelength of light with the help of prism. Then he observed under microscope that the aerophilic bacteria was collected in the region of red and blue light and then he concluded that red and blue lights are the most effective lights for photosynthesis.


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TW Engelmann experiment:
1. he placed a prism in light
2. the light was divided into its spectoral components
3.  he placed CLADO SPORA[bacteria]
4.  he actually wanted  to detect the site of oxygen production
5.  finally he found that in the blue and red region he found high amount of release of oxygen
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