Describe the first encounter of the ghost with Otis family

On the very second night of their moving into canterville chase , the otises had an encounter with the ghost.Around one o'clock at night Mr.Otis heard someone walk in the corridor. He also heard the clanking of the metal . Taking a phial of an efficacious lubricatant Mr.Otis went out of his room to discover the ghost in soiled rags and shackles.Very politely he asked him to lubricate his chains and also asssured him that he would supply him more lubricant if need be .The ghost's blood shot eyes ,matted locks and a queer appearance did not frighten Mr.Otis .Having given the bottle to the ghost he closed the door and retired to rest. Seeing Mr.Otis's composure,in a great confusion,the ghost ran upstairs where the twins hurled a big pillow at him.Not prepared for such an unexpected reception,the ghost hastily withdrew to his room to recover and plan his next move.
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