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describe the first place where michael was virtually transformed

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The first place where michael was virtually transformed was the Wild West. Here he was transformed to a town where all were glaring at him. The whole place was in scilence and that he saw a saloon. He entered into it ordered for Sarsaparilla. A glass of fizzy red stuf came to him, as soon as he had a sip of it , he heard a sound, he went out of the saloon as saw, it was the Black-Eyed-Jed-the fastest gun in the west, he challenged the sheriff Drawson  (michael) for a gun fight.  There something unusual happened, he saw the second sheriff who was of his age and look like a computer image, but he did not move lake that. But here micheal couldnot save sultz,  they both ran but, sultz got hit by the gun shot of Jed.

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