Describe the functions of various parts of plant

Describe the functions of various parts of plant )tyledonous two equal rcise oed su0N 2.11 Various fruits and seeds 5. Describe the functions of various parts of a plant. properties are mentioned be- 6. Certain low. Find a leaf corresponding to eacl those nlants.

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Function of different parts of a plant are as follows:

  • Absorbs water and nutrients
  • Anchor the plant, and support the above ground parts of the plants
  • store food
  • Primary roots: The first roots to emerge at germination. may become the main tap root
  • Secondary roots: roots that branch out from the primary root
  • support the leaves, and positions them so they can receive as much sunlight as possible. Responsible for the size and shape of the plant
  • move water, minerals and manufactured food throughout the whole plant
  • produce food for plants, They are designed to efficiently collect light use that light to make energy 
  • use sunlight and chlorophyl to convert CO2 and water to sugar
  • gives off water and oxygen
  • contain the sexual organ for the plants
  • produces fruit, which protects, nourishes and carries seeds
  • attracts insects for pollination
  • protection of seed
  • nourishment of the seed during its development
  • part of the stem where the leaves emerge
  • the space between leaves, gives the plant height and distance
  • buds contain undeveloped tissue that can produce new stems and leaves



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