Describe the location of Palampur.

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 a. Palampur reflects the picture of a rural India and give us insights about the basic farming and non farming activities in a village.
 Palampur is basically an imaginary village and constitutes a rural area, though it  has developed road network which connects it to the neighbouring villages and towns. 
c. Palampur is well connected with neighbouring villages and towns. There is an all weather road which connects it to neighboring village Raiganj and one can see various modes of transportation on the road like tongas, bullock carts even motor cycles, jeeps, tractors and trucks. Many landless farmers have benefited from government schemes and have involved themselves in the transportation.
d. It is 3 km from a big village namely Raiganj.
e. Shahpur is the nearest town .



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Palampur is well connnected with neighbouring villages and towns. Raiganj , a big village is 3 kms away from Palampur. An all weather road connects the village to Raiganj and futher to nearest town Shahpur.
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