Describe the main features of life-span perspective on development.

The main features of life-span perspective on development are as follows:

  • Development is a lifelong process that takes place across all age groups starting from conception to old age. It also includes the interaction between gains and losses, which is dynamic.

  • The biological, cognitive, and socio-emotional processes of human development are interwoven in the development of a person throughout the life-span.

  • Development is multi-directional as some dimensions or components of a given dimension of development may increase, while others show a decrease.

  • Development is highly plastic since modifiability is found in psychological development within persons, though flexibility varies among individuals.

  • Development is influenced by historical conditions.

  • A number of disciplines like psychology, anthropology, sociology and neuro-sciences are concerned with development.

  • The response and actions of individuals are related to contexts, which include the inherited traits, the physical environment, and social, historical, and cultural contexts. These contexts vary among individuals.

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