Describe the main features of Mahalwari system

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Due to abusive revenue policy of the English and regular famines ,the condition of the farmers deteriorated and they were forced to sell their lands . The zamindars  too were indifferent towards the plight of farmer and did nothing to improve agriculture . There were frequent agrarian riots. Land now became a saleable commodity, which could be bought, sold or mortgaged. They only need money sometime farmer took loan from the rich farmer and moneylenders on a very high rate of interest and most of the time they were unable to pay money back, so they loose their property.
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Mahal means village in this system whole village head had to pay the revenue to the company officials so there was no need of zamindar they had started mahalwari system rather than permanant settlement.
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1. introduced by Holt Mackenzie
2. came into effect in 1822
3. village headmen were in charge of collecting revenue
4. revenue was not fixed, it was to be revised periodically
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Headman of the village collected tax Better than zamindari system
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Under Mahalwari system,a village or the mahal (a village or a grpup of villages) was made the unit for revenue settlement.It was introduced by Holt Mackenzie.
For a just and proper settlement, the village land was inspected and record of right of land was prepared. The revenue to be taken was estimated. The estimated revenue of each plot within a village was added up to calculate the entire revenue of the village. It was revised periodically.
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