describe the meaning and function of e-commerce

E-commerce refers to the buying and selling of goods and services over the internet. It makes use of electronic funds transfer, e-mail etc.

E-commerce covers a firm's interaction with its customers and suppliers over the internet.
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please you can describe it
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E-commerce is restricted to commercial activities of buying and selling only. The term e-commerce is often used sometimes as tractional processes for shopping online.These transaction are extended into four directions.These are:
1. B2B Commerce : Transaction taking place between business units are called b2b transactions.
2. b2c Commerce : The transactions taking place between business units and customers are known as b2c transactions.
3. C2C Commerce :  The transactions taking place between customer and customer are known as C2..In this set up business the firm i.e.,seller is also customer and buyer is also  a customer.
4. Intra B Commerce : This refers to transaction between the parties or persons of one who are the part of one firm only.It is the transaction within the firm  that is why it is called  intra-firm.
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