Describe the method of spawns of crop culture.

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Your question seems incomplete, however assuming the question is in context of mushroom culture here is your answer accordingly.

​​​​​Spawn culture is a technique of growing mushrooms. Steam sterilised grains are kept along with mushroom mycelium, eventually the fungal mycelium grows through the grains. The grain-mushroom mycelium mixture is called spawn. Basically, the grains act as nutrient medium and support fungal growth.

The process includes preparation of a culture media using the grains, followed by placement of 24 to 48 hour old mushroom (cap with lower portion containing gill plates and stem or fungal spore) in the culture media. They are then allowed to germinate and regularly monitored for good yield. Simultaneously, single or multiple Basidospores are isolated for maintenance of stock culture and cryopreservation.

If this is not what you had in mind, kindly get back to us with more details and we would be happy to help you!


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