Describe the movement of water w.r.t.
1)water potential?
2)solute Potential?
3)pressure potential?
4)matric potential?
5)osmotic potential?
6)osmotic pressure
7)dpd(diffusion pressure deficit)

Dear student,
1)Water moves from the area of high water potential to low water potential.Thus, movement occurs from less negative water potential to more negative water potential.This movement of water with respect to water potential is known as osmosis.

2)With respect to water potential, the solute potential will also lead to the movement of water from high (less negative) to lower (more negative) solute potential because more the concentration of solute in the solution, more negative will be the solute potential.

3)With respect to pressure potential, water moves from low-pressure potential to high-pressure potential.It is the physical pressure applied by the cell membrane to the water molecules and is generally maintained positive.

4)Since, the matric potential is negative, the water will move from high matric potential to low matric potential as it is present in the soil where water molecules are tightly bound to the soil.

5)Osmotic potential is another name given to solute potential and the movement will thus be same as solute potential in point 2.
6) With respect to osmotic pressure, water will move from lower osmotic pressure to higher osmotic pressure.It is because the osmotic pressure is the pressure applied to stop the process of osmosis.

7)Water will move from high DPD to low DPD. This is because more will be the solute, the less will be the DPD.

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