describe the people at melon city... pls make it fast.. i hav an xam tomorrow.. i asked dis quesearlier also!!!

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Throughout the story narrated in the poem The Tale of Melon City we find people of the Melon City being obedient to the King. But towards the end of the poem the poet gives us a hint in the line 'This happened years years ago'. The next few lines point towards the visible change that had taken place in the attitude of the people of the Melon City. When asked how was it that their king was a melon, the general answer of the people was that they hardly bothered what the king liked to be as long as he left them in peace and liberty. It was a people who ultimately established the principle of laissez faire in the Melon City. Only the throne of king remained without a functioning king.

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The people in melon city were senseless, this story carries a sense of humor, they belive blindly in the words of wise man,
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