describe the process of digestion

Process of digestion is as follows-
1. Food is crushed with teeth and wetted by saliva in the mouth (secreted by salivary gland).
2. The enzymes salivary amylase in saliva breaks down starch into sugar.
3. Food is transferred to stomach through food pipe or oesophagus by rhythmic contractions (peristaltic movement).
4. Gastric glands in stomach wall release hydrochloric acid, pepsin and mucus for digestion of food.
5. Food is completely digested in small intestine. The liver release bile juice, pancreas release pancreatic juice        containing trypsin and intestinal glands secrete intestinal gland secrete intestinal juices.
6. Villi on intestinal wall absorb digested food from where it is taken to every body cell.
7. In the large intestine, water is absorbed from the unabsorbed food.
8. Waste material is removed via the anus.

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