Describe the process of fertilisation in human beings ?

Sperms enter through vagina during sexual intercourse and travel to oviduct to fertilize the egg cell. After fusion of sperm and egg, a zygote is formed. Then the zygote gets implanted in the lining of uterus and division starts occurring in zygote to become embryo.

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  • fertilisation takes place in a human being by the fusion of an egg(female) and sperm(male).
  • sperms are let into the women body by sexual contact. many sperms enter at once
  • one specific spermcan enter an egg. ths is the first stage
  • the nuclei of both the cells fuse together to form one nuleaus. thus one single cell is formed
  • this cell is embedded into the uterus of a mother for further development.
  • this is the frocssof fertilisation.


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