Describe the processes involved in the production of jute.

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Jute is obtained from the jute plant which is cultivated during rainy season. It is harvested and is submerged in water for about 3 to 4 days. Because of this process the stem of the plant is rotten and the fibres are left behind of the stem plant.This is called as the retting process in which the fibres are taken out from the stem of the plant.

The process of separating the fibres from the non fibrous manually by hand is called as stripping.

These fibres then can be spun into yarns and can be used to make fabrics and other materials.

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Firstly we cut crops then we make bundel and keep them in water for 2 weeks called Rettening then we make Yarn process callled  sppining then we make fabric 
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Jute is obtained from stem of the plant. The jute plant is cultivated during rainy season and within 3-4 months bears yellow flowers. Good quality jute is obtained from the stem only at the flowering stage. Then the process of retting takes place. Then the jute fibres so obtained are dried and tied into small bundles. Raw jute fibres are pale yellow, silky and are 2-3 metres long. The fibres are quite strong and are spun to make yarns.
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