Describe the river from Wallingford to Oxfordd?

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The river did not seem interesting to the author, ​ between Streatley and Wallingford. However, from Cleve there was a stretch of six and a half miles without a lock. ​From Wallingford up to Dorchester the neighbourhood of the river grows more hilly, varied, and picturesque. ​Round Clifton Hampden, the scenery of the river was beautiful. ​From Clifton to Culham the river banks are flat, monotonous, and uninteresting, but, after you get through Culhalm Lock the coldest and deepest lock on the river the landscape improves. ​At Abingdon, the river passes by the streets. There is a beautiful stretch from ​Abingdon to Nuneham Courteney. The author states that to understand the difficulty of the place, a person ought to be born on the water between Ifflay and Oxford. It was difficult to go straight and easily through this place. First, a person would be directed to the right and then to the left, then pushed to the middle. The journey would surely end in a smash against a college barge. Thus, the travel in the place between Ifflay and Oxford was difficult and unpredictable. 

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