describe the scene which is embroidered by aunt jennifer

Aunt Jennifer embroiders a couple of tigers with a forest as the background. They are depicted as having a proud and brave gait. Moreover, they appear to be free, happy and confident. Also, they are not scared by the presence of men and thus are fearless. This piece of art embroidered by Aunt Jennifer is a reflection of her own desires. She feels suffocated in the patriarchal system where she is left devoid of her individuality. She wants to be cheerful, fearless and independent like the tigers in her art. The very idea that she chose tigers shows that she wants to be brave and bold. Also, the bright and lively colours, topaz and green, create a beautiful and happy environment which the aunt lacks as she is bound in the patriarchal dull life assigned to her. The picture of the happy and fearless tigers above the men can be seen as representing the aunt's wish to break free from this male-dominated world.

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