Describe the struggle of the Sri Lankan Tamils.

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a. Tamils in Sri Lanka are the natives of the island country and constitute the minority group there.
b. The Sinhala
 community has always sought to impose its will and dominance over the country since they are in majority.
c. The
 Tamils there, have been deprived of their basic civil political rights and have been the victims of discrimination.
d. The Sri
 Lankan constitution did not give recognition to the minority group and instead recognised Sinhala as the official language.
e. State policies also sought to give preference to the
 Sinhala community in terms of jobs and educational institutions.
f. Tamil dominated regions have also been deprived of autonomy.
g. Political leaders and parties have been insensitive to the demands of the minority group.
h. Thus, such a policy of
 majoritarianism deteriorated relations between the two communities leading to ethnic conflict.
i. Lack of power sharing between the two groups and lack of adequate representation and accommodation of the interests of the
 Tamils led to civil war.
 have waged a struggle demanding regional autonomy, equality of opportunities and also independent Tamil Eelam (state) in northern and eastern parts of Sri Lanka‚Äč.
k. Tamil eelam was a proposed state by an LTTE group.
l. The north and eastern part of Sri Lanka was controlled by LTTE, considering it as an independent region,though it was not formally recognised.

m The government of Sri Lanka started massive offensive strife against the LTTE from 2006, and claimed to defeat LTTE in 2009. 
n.The civil strife and conflict in the society killed thousands of people and displaced many
o.After the civil war, the demand for Tamil eelam however has been dropped and that government is working on a viable political solution , to give representation to the Tamils.


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Sinhala was made the official language,disregarding tamils .
Sinhales were preferred for government jobs and universities.
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they face so much of problems. they have not given equal rights like sinhala.due to this tamil are very angry thus it cause a civil war between sinhala and tamils.tamil  said give us a seperate state or nation but they denied
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