describe the three ways in which fertilization of human ovum by the sperm can be prevented.

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Some of the contraceptive methods by which fertilisation of ovum by sperm can be prevented are:
  • Barrier method → In this method, the fertilization of ovum and sperm is prevented with the help of barriers. Condoms are barriers that prevent pregnancy.

  • Oral contraceptives →  These are taken orally. They contain hormones—either progesterone or progesterone−oestrogen combination and prevent the release of eggs and thus fertilisation.

  • Intra uterine devices   (IUDs) : They release hormones to cause phagocytosis of sperms or they release copper ions to decrease sperm motility.
  • Surgical methods : Include vasectomy (removal of a part of the vas deferens in males) and tubectomy (removal of a part of the fallopian tubes in females)
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