Describe with a well labelled diagram the equipment used to carry out electrolysis!!.
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Let us understand with an example. 

Electrolysis of water: 

Electrolysis means using electric current to make a chemical reaction possible which is otherwise do not occur. Electrolysis of water means passing electric current through water to decompose it into hydrogen gas and oxygen gas.

  • Electrodes:

Cathode - Graphite rod

Anode - Graphite rod

Hydrogen and oxygen gases are collected at cathode and anode respectively.


The reaction that takes place during the process can be shown as:-

2H O → 2H   +O 2

At cathode:- Reduction

2 H   (aq)   +2e    →  H 2

At anode:- Oxidation

OH   (aq)    →  OH + e -

4 OH → 2H O + O 2



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