describe Zitkala-Sa's hostel experience.

Dear student 

Zitkala-Sa's hostel experience was one that was cruel and humiliating for her. She â€‹describes her very first day, where she was thrown into the chaos of the boarding school. She noted how the European missionaries were prejudiced and biased against the Native Americans. She was dressed in stiff shoes and closely clinging dresses. Most of all, she hated being treated like an animal and being bound by so many useless rules. To add to her humiliation, she found out that one of the missionaries wanted to cut her hair short. Having her hair cut had a cultural significance, as it meant that she was accepting defeat. She tried to escape this fate, but she was dragged out by the missionaries and her hair cut mercilessly. She soon gave up, accepting the inhuman treatment of the hostel. 


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She didnt like it. She felt herself as a stranger.
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