designing eco friendly projects applicable in school such as paper and water recycle. give me some ideas and points for this project.

Dear student,
You can take help of the following points for your project:
- Introduction about what is recycling and why it is important
- What is the current status of paper and water (how trees are being cut down in various states for making paper or how water is being polluted and wasted)
(*Here you can also make questionnaires and ask people around as to how much water do they use and for which activities. Try to analyse the actual water usage and explain how the wastage can be reduced)
- Importance of paper and water recycling
- Measures which can be adopted by general people to save water and recycle paper
- Measures that can be adopted by government for recycling (Here, you can also add measures that have been adopted by other countries for recycling)
- Future of paper and water recycling and how it can help in sustainable development

Hope you find these points helpful. In case of any other doubt, feel free to ask.

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