Desirable outcomes of sustainable development with explaination

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Sustainable development means the development should take place without harming the environment and development in the present should not compromise with the needs of future generations .Sustainable development is the need of the hour because there is over exploitation of resources .This creates an ecological balance in country.
Desirable outcomes are :
1)BALANCED DEVELOPMENT: Development is continous process. If we shift to  sustainable development,development can take place in present as well as in the future.For this minimum exploitation of resources should be done today to save resources for future's development.

2)IMPROVED QUALITY OF HUMAN LIFE : Sustainable development ensures improved quality of life for present & future generations.If we use resources wisely today tomorrow's generation can enjoy good quality of life with resources available to them.

3)CONSERVATION OF EARTH'S VITALITY AND DIVERSITY:Sustainable development helps to conserve earth's vitality and diversity.This is crucial for our survival on planet.

4)MINIMISATION OF DEPLETION OF NATURAL RESOURCES:If we continue to exploit natural resources at a fast pace,the time when these resources will finish is not far away & so our survival would be in danger.Thus sustainable development is the only key to solution to ensure depletion of natural resources is minimised.

5)SURVIVAL FOR ALL FORMS OF LIFE - Earth is a place not only for humans.Various other species,life forms are also in danger due to greedy human activities.Directly or indirectly we are connected with other forms of life so sustainable development ensures their survival too which prevents ecological imbalance.


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