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destabilizing forces within a country: challenges to a nation

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In my opinion destabilizing force within a country that pose a challenge to a nation is the diversity in the country.Actually,there are many forces which destabilize the country but we hide them by the term diversity.We are not agreed with each and every statement about the country every person thinks of his comfort so there is no unity in any manner.And to this only we say that it is diversity. 
And this is main reason of all other destabilizing forces such as terrorism.

There are various forces that can lead to destabilisation in the nation:

  • Casteism: Root cause of all evils in the society.
  • Communalism: India is a secular country and therefore, discrimination and voting on the basis of one 's religion can cause destabilisation in the nation.
  • Regionalism: Favouring one 's region over the others can benefit one region and not the whole nation.
  • Terrorism: Instills terror and violence and is a hindrance to a nation 's development.
  • Separatist tendencies of the political parties: Political parties employing "divide and rule" policy to remain in power can instill hatred against the people of one state against the another.
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