develop  a story "to his dismay the rooster has walked over his newly oven pashmina stall drying in the courtiad"(this is middle of content)

Such questions are meant to test your writing skills and should be attempted on your own. However, these points might help you elaborate:

- Abdul was a master weaver: he made the fines Pashmina shawls in Kashmir.
- The quality of the shawls made by him was so fine that they sold off at very high prices.
- He dyed them in different colours, depending on the demand.
- He was about to finish one such order, when, to his dismay, he saw his favourite rooster walking over the shawls drying in the courtyard.
- He ran shouting loudly but the damage had been done.
- There were the rooster's footprints all over the shawls that he had so painstakingly woven and dyed.
- He was highly disappointed: it meant a whole lot of work to bleach and re-dye the shawls.
- His daughter happened to see the shawls and said, 'Oh wow! What a clever design, father! I am sure the youngsters would love to wear something so quirky!'
- Abdul looked at the shawls in a new light and decided to take a chance in selling the shawls as it is!
- His decision paid rich dividends: the design became a rage and the most fashion-conscious people placed orders for the 'different' shawls.

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