(Dialogue Writing) Write a dialogue between two strangers waiting for their turn to consult a doctor at a clinic.

Friend A: Hey, how are you? Where have you been all these days?

Friend B: I was on family vacation; all of us had gone to south India.

Friend A: Wow! That’s great. How was the vacation?

Friend B: It was super. We enjoyed ourselves to the fullest.

Friend A: I also enjoy a lot when as a family we travel to some distant place. Why is it so?

Friend B: We enjoy with our family because they are the ones who live us the most. They arrange everything for us. They are protective about us.

Friend A: It is true; we can’t get the same love, protection, and care from anyone else.  

Friend B: That’s why we should value our family; and never ever disappoint any family member with our recklessness.

Friend A: I agree with you.    

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